Debt Recovery

At Commercial Debt Recovery Solutions, our collection officers employ a firm but friendly technique in the collection of overdue accounts. They are expert negotiators that work well within the industry’s ethics and guidelines to collect monies owed. It’s their goal, and the goal of Commercial Debt Recovery Solutions, to resolve overdue accounts as quickly and completely as possible.

We avoid the cost of litigation whenever possible when resolving debts and most accounts are closed without the need for legal assistance. If legal action is needed, we rely on our in-house law firm, Carew Counsel Solicitors, to assist us in collecting monies owed with a minimum of hassle and for the least possible cost to you.

We use a combination of potent legal demand letters, telephone action and where necessary skip tracing, field calls and legal action.

Debt recovery in all areas and industries:

  • Corporate / Commercial
  • Medical / Surgical
  • Insurance including public liability
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Banks
  • Public sector – councils, schools, libraries

Client Support Services

Collecting debts and resolving accounts can be a very trying and frustrating experience. That’s why we offer the absolute best in client services to make things as trouble-free as possible.

  • Full client support and assistance
  • Fortnightly statements to clients
  • Debt recovery solicitors to offer advice to clients at no charge regarding debt recovery
  • Each client is exclusively assigned their own account controller who is responsible for both collection and regular reports to client
  • Installments and settlements arranged
  • Fixed price legal solutions for litigation, enforcement and bankruptcy
  • Commission free stationery available for 7 day and 30 day collections
  • Veda Advantage – one the world’s most trusted and relied upon information and analytics partners


  • Link to searches
  • Land Titles office
  • ASIC
  • Bankruptcy
  • Australian Business Registry
  • Internet search access for debtor location

“Soft” Collection Procedures

CDRS also offer “soft” collection services to cater specifically for members of the medial professional and similar professionals who require debt recovery agents adopt a gentler approach to recovery of outstanding debts.

For certain debtors, these soft collection procedures are followed by more assertive measures and methods if needed. I every case, our Account Controllers strive to create an atmosphere of cooperation and compliance to help retrieve all the monies that are owed.

After examining your needs, the nature of your unresolved accounts and the individuals or companies withholding payment, we will determine whether soft collection procedures are warranted or if stronger measures are needed.

No matter what the approach, our bottom line is the same as yours—to collect all your debts in full in the shortest amount of time possible.

General Collections

The vast majority of delinquent accounts, no matter what sector or industry, can be resolved using our debt recovery process. Although the type of businesses and individuals with collectable debt vary widely, we use the same effective and firm approach to collect those debts and return them to you.

With a highly-trained and experienced staff leading the way, we take of the entire process for you from start to finish. Our polite, yet persuasive collection agents know how to get the best results possible and they do so quickly and efficiently.

Medical Collection

CDRS can motivate delinquent patients to pay you for the care and services you’ve provided them. And we can do so without compromising your reputation or you losing patients due to the collection process. Handling your outstanding patient balances in a friendly and professional way means that you can maintain the working relationship with those patients and continue to provide them the best medical care.

Education Collection

Most college students graduate with debt. When these debts and students loans are not paid as agreed, debt recovery is often needed. Typically, students are given a number of opportunities to repay their debts including forming a new agreement with the lender based on a more realistic timetable for repayment. When the debt is not repaid per the new agreement however and the student is in default, debt recovery is initiated.

At Commercial Debt Recovery Solutions, we have the experience and expertise needed to handle defaulted student loans and education debts of all types.

Fitness Collection

Gyms and health clubs sell memberships in various forms depending on the needs of the user and their access to the facilities. In some cases, the user signs a contract without clearly understanding their responsibilities and thus incur unwanted charges such as not paying cancellation fees when they stop going to the gym. Others simply refuse to pay fees as agreed.

Using the signed contract or agreement as the basis of our collection efforts, we take the necessary steps to resolve the account with patience an good will and ensure that it is paid in full.

Advertising Collection

Advertising of any kind is not an exact science. In some case, when an advertising agency doesn’t receive the response they hoped for, debts cannot not be paid. The same friendly but firm collection process CDRS is known for is used in this case as in any other industry. We work with the advertising agency to identify the debts owed then arrange for all accounts to be resolved and closed.

Legal Services

Carew Counsel Solicitors, who act as in–house Solicitors for Commercial Debt Recovery Solutions, offer fixed-price legal solutions to both the need for litigation and enforcement of judgments obtained out of Victorian Courts. Should you wish to issue proceedings to recover a debt, CDRS can offer you a fixed-price service to conduct litigation.

Similarly, Carew Counsel have a higher level of expertise in collection of Judgment Debts by way of enforcement procedures such as Bankruptcy, Garnishee of Wages or Sheriff’s Warrants of Execution. Brochures are available which provide full details of both the manner in which we litigate and collect the judgment debts and the procedures used in doing so.

Field Services

Commercial Debt Recovery Solutions has access to a range of experienced field agents to compliment and support the debt recovery service when required. All field services are conducted in a professional and friendly manner.

We offer the following field services (and can provide field agents Australia wide):

  • Personal debtor visits
  • Service of legal documents
  • Conducting of interviews and research

Using agents with local knowledge and experience ensures the best results from these services. They can be used either separately or as part of an overall debt recovery solution.

Support Services

Commission Free Demand Letters

At Commercial Debt Recovery Solutions we offer a commission free opportunity for the collection of debts via the purchase of our collection stationery.

The stationery is carefully pre-packed and supplied with envelopes ready for drafting, printing and signing your collection letter and mailing it to your Debtors.

If the Debtor does not pay on the Demand, you may choose to refer the debt to Commercial Debt Recovery Solutions on normal terms.

Please call one of our professional debt recovery experts for more information.

(03) 9670 4109


Epworth HealthCare

We have been using Commercial Debt Recovery Solutions since March 1999 and in the first two months of handing them our accounts, they had more success extracting money from bad payers than the previous two collection agencies we had been dealing with.
Epworth HealthCare

Madman Entertainment

Before using CDRS we would practically write off a debt after 90 days. Since using CDRS our delinquent accounts have reduced dramatically and the high collection rates are outstanding. I would highly recommend CDRS to any business having problems with outstanding debtors.
Madman Entertainment

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