Our Process

At CDRS we understand that each debt recovery situation is unique and in that regard we develop a customised recovery program to recoup your money. Our collection team aims to improve your businesses cash flow using a number of specially designed techniques.

We employ friendly, non invasive techniques with your debtors with the ultimate goal of recovering your money at the least cost possible. We use a combination of potent legal demand letters, telephone action and where necessary skip tracing, field calls and legal action.

The purpose of our operation is to work toward a prompt resolution and to recover the full amount that is owed to your business. Our debt collectors are expert negotiators and will endeavour to avoid the cost of litigation whilst focusing on improving your cash flow.


Diversified Exhibitions Australia

Diversified Exhibitions Australia have been using CDRS for some time now and have benefited greatly from their service. Their understanding of our business practice and efficiency is tied closely with their good recovery results. CDRS would be beneficial to any business interested in achieving solid debt recovery outcomes.
Diversified Exhibitions Australia

Frankston Anaesthetic Services

Having been a long-time client of Commercial Debt Recovery, I have no hesitation in recommending them for the purposes of debt recovery. The recovery rate is high and my contact with the personnel of CDRS has always been met with courteous professionalism.
Frankston Anaesthetic Services

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